Node.js Explained

Rising from non-existence three short years ago, Node.js is already attracting the accolades and disdain enjoyed and endured by the Ruby and Rails community just a short time ago. It overtook Rails as the most popular Github repository November 2011 and was selected by InfoWorld for the Technology of the Year Award in 2012. This presentation explains the basic theory and programming model central to Node's approach and will help you understand the resulting benefits and challenges it presents.

Presentation Tips

There's an endless supply of books, articles, blog posts, and videos to help you improve your presentations. Most of them focus on the organization and delivery aspects of presenting, which is obviously a critical piece. This presentations is slightly different. It focuses on some of the technical aspects surrounding your presentation, such as making sure you have the right adapter for your projector, preparing for screen-resolution shock, minimizing your external distractions, and sixteen more. These tips are easy to implement and will give your presentations an instant boost in effectiveness and professionalism.

Static Website Generation

With all the tools available today for publishing a website or blog,it's easy to discount the traditional static website. However, you should think twice before drawing that conclusion. Static websites are super-fast, easy to implement, and can be hosted with almost any provider. This short presentation touches on static website generation using nanoc, a static website generation tool written in Ruby. While you won't be a nanoc expert after watching the video, it should give you an idea of how easy it is to quickly get up and running with astatic site.