On my current project we've been using Node.js for an app that does a lot of packet capture and processing. In the past we used node-pcap for packet capture but were looking for an easier way to simply parse raw pcap files. It turns out the pcap file format is pretty simple as was writing a node module to parse it.

The module, called pcap-parser, can be used to parse any pcap file or readable pcap stream, such as the piped output of tcpdump. As packets are parsed, pcap-parser emits relevant events to which your node program can listen. It's a really simple way to process a theoretically infinite stream of pcap data. The code below shows a basic example of it in action. Please check out the project page for more details.

var pcapp = require('pcap-parser');

var parser = pcapp.parse('/path/to/file.pcap');
// var parser = pcapp.parse(process.stdin);

parser.on('packet', function(packet) {